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General Grant - Living History Impressionist

A living history impression of US Grant, his early life to supreme command through the end of the war. Presidential programs also available.

The goal of bringing US Grant to life is to present him as believably as possible, as he was as a person and not as any caricature of him to satisfy somebody's stereotypical notions of him. I do not play him for a joke and do not intend to cheapen his memory or disrespect his legacy. I welcome the fellowship of other US Grant impressionists who share this concept. 
A USMC Veteran and long time Civil War reenactor, Ken has been a student of US Grant all his life. He has appeared nationally on television, film and numerous speaking engagements. He offers a walking tour in Gettysburg set in 1867, when US Grant came to dedicate the orphanage, which gives insight to the fighting in town all three days. Offering in first person, Ken portrays the general for school visits, round table panels and other events which allow a better representation of the general's life, to restore his place as a top figure in our nation's history. Ken began this adventure in 2009 in San Diego CA, and now appears across the nation in the role of his personal hero nearly every day, either in Gettysburg or somewhere else that has asked to meet the general in person.

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